Residential & Commercial Carpet and Upholstery cleaning at affordable prices!!

Examples of the work we do...

Take a look at examples of residential carpets and upholstery that we clean on a regular basis. Also, a few examples of the Commercial cleaning at Pubs, Clubhouses, Schools and places of work.

Hospitality Room

A challenge! This is the entrance to a working kitchen next to a large function room. Years of dirt, grease and protein embedded into the carpet. A multi-stage approach was needed to make a huge difference.

Finished Result


This chair certainly has had some use and over time has become stained and discoloured. Did we clean it??? Yes we did.

Finished Result

Sofa Stains

Over time those 'little mistakes' happen and they end up on your sofa. Home remedies sometimes work but be very careful, you can lock in stains if you don't understand the fabric and how to clean it.

Finished Result

Make Up!

All ladies love a bit of powder on! This is a continual build up of foundation. We vacuum, spray, massage and extract to get the carpet back clean again.

Finished Result

Pub Carpets

Muddy boots, dirty soiled dog paws, we all love a pint and whilst standing at the bar the soil and dirt builds up and up. A multi-stage process broke down the proteins along with the soil to make a big difference.

Finished Result

Pub Entrance Hall

Same old story, nobody wipes their feet. This is years of build up and took some shifting but we did get a great result in the end.

Finished Result

What oyu having?

Doesn't really matter what you drink but you can guarantee some of it will end up on your Clubhouse chairs and seating. These examples are from sports venues when a good old bag of crisps or nuts also gets wiped into the fabrics!!

Another Result

Young kids and building work!

A combination of young children and building was the result of this sofa clean, it was a challenge but well worth the effort when you see the results.

Finished Result

Traffic areas

Another day, another traffic area heavily soiled. We commercially vacuum to remove soil, add a solution, agitate, then remove the dirt and soil with the best machine on the market, with added heat to quickly break down proteins and aid faster drying times.

Finished Result