"Stain Removal"

Remove stains such as coffee, tomato sauce, mustard, nail varish, grass, mud, oil, grease, paint,breakfast, pva glue, chewing gum, suncream, lipstick, red wine from carpets, rugs and upholstery

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We clean your CARPETS, UPHOLSTERY, RUGS AND CARAVANS within a 20 miles radius of Sedgefield.

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  • Date Added: July 7, 2017
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How to... Remove Stains

In this video series we show you the power of the use the Airflex Storm. An incredible powerful machine taking carpet & upholstery cleaning to the next level, achieving outstanding results.
We can remove stains plus neutralise and deodorise carpets, fabrics and flooring.
We can remove stains such as Pizza, Pasta, Curry Sauce, Baked Beans, Chocolate, Cooking Sauce, Curry, Gravy & Ketchup, Tea, Red Wine, Fruit, Juice, Baby food, Blackcurrant, Coffee, White Wine, Raspberry & Strawberry, Grease, Lubricant and Paint, Candle wax, Glue, Chewing gum, Plasticine and Shoe polish, Ballpoint Ink, Felt Tip Pen, Crayon, Highlighter, Ink, Pencil plus Nicotine and Tobacco, Mud, Grass, Make-Up, Clay, Foundation, Body lotion, Lipstick, Mascara and Eyeliner pencil.

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